Positive Affirmations

Positive Thought= Positive Words= Positive Action!
The old adage, “energy goes where energy flows” is case and point.  Where we focus our energy, our thoughts, our words, will determine where our life goes and how we experience it.  It is up to YOU how you would like to move through life and positive affirmations is one tool that will assist you in creating a life of balance, harmony and happiness.
When we use positive affirmations (whether written and placed where we can read them daily or spoken aloud for others to witness and hold you accountable for), we can shift our perspective and therefore choose to see our life experiences in a positive light.  Our words are POWERfull and impact ourselves and those around us on a daily basis.  If we choose to use positive words (affirmations), they can help us improve our quality of life on many levels.
For instance, instead of using the word can’t, as in, “I can’t do this” (which will effectively never let you DO what you are TRYING to do), change the statement to say “I CAN DO IT”!  It is amazing the results you get when you turn it around and say you CAN do something!
That is why our beginner hula hoop is called the “I can do it!” hoop, it literally has a hand-written affirmation that says “I can do it” inside the hoop- and thousands of people who have purchased this hoop from us CAN hoop as a result.
We offer several ways to get acquainted with using affirmations in your daily life:
~Personal one-on-one Affirmation Station phone or Skype Sessions
~Purchase our Primordial Spin book (with an affirmation workbook section)