Color Aroma Training

Our Co-Heart Constance Hart from Conscious Colors (TM) offers her very own Color Aroma Therapy Training, the same training that Kandice Korves-Kaus went through years ago.  The information she learned during this course helped her further develop her own philosophy/ Holistic Hoopology, and she has integrated and shared many aspect of this work with her personal clients and Telecourse students.  You too can study with Constance, a great source of inspiration for Kandice.

Receive a Color Aroma Therapist Certificate PLUS Get a Basic Professional Color Aroma Practitioner Kit PLUS Wholesale Discounts on Color Aroma Oils, Mists, and Kits.

You Will Learn:

    • The Language of Color™ and the healing benefits of 13 key color energies
    • Comprehensive overview and teaching of the chakra centers
    • Chakra clues and insights to help you determine which centers need attention
    • How to relate the Color Aroma Oils and Mists to the Chakras
    • Why Color Aroma Therapy is so powerful and important in healing
    • In depth overview of the subtle energy body including the Aura
    • When and why to treat the Aura
    • The unique methodology of Color Aroma Therapy with Color Aroma
    • Complete Color Aroma Product Training for 20 products (12 Color Aroma Oils and 8 Color Aroma Mists)
    • Energy Healing Overview of 26 aromatic essential oils
    • How to Utilize the Color Aroma in Sessions
    • How to Create Healing Affirmations
    • How to Write Color Prescriptions (a Conscious Colors exclusive)
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