Flow Zones

We offer a variety of services to many events (Festivals, Fairs, Expos, Private Events, Public Shows, Retreats, Special Occasions and Gatherings of all kinds)…although, one, in particular, our ‘Flow Zone’ aka ‘Flow Tool Play Environment’ is a community favorite.

Within your event, we can create a space designated to flow tool dance exploration. It is an area that offers an interactive activity for your guests to participate in and enjoy. The fun and festive environment we co-create that adds bright color and joyful movement- enhancing the overall ambiance of the event, while bringing something special for community members to be involved in.

We share the joy of hula-hooping, poi, buugeng and staff spinning in many ways within our supervised interactive play environment…
Facilitating an open space for flow tool (skill toy) dance:
-we provide many used tools for people to play with
-offer demonstrations on how to utilize them
-give personalized attention and instruction for those who want it
-do impromptu performances with them, as well as,
-teach scheduled classes and/or playshops for adults and children to take part in.

Here is a short video showing one of our Flow Zones created for the Maker Faire!

Here is a short video to illustrate how our Flow Zone is illuminated at night!

As you can see, we bring so much energy, movement, color and ambiance to any event!

In the past, we have provided play environments in the main concert bowl, on the thoroughfare, on ‘the lawn’, in ‘green zones’ and in the ‘children’s area’ at events such as Oregon Eclipse, Symbiosis, LIB, Harmony Festival, Summer Arts and Music, High Sierra Music Festival, Sierra Nevada, Kate Wolf, Faerieworlds, Reggae on the River, Earth Day, How Weird Street Fair and many more.

Our space is primarily created by our hoop booth- a free standing, self-sustainable, art sculpture. It is a 15-foot high rainbow hoop tree, with large colorful hula-hoops spiraling up a central pole, with the toys hanging off the bottom shade hoop.

It is an art piece unto itself, not a typical festival booth, one that can stand on it’s own (in an open space), yet can easily fit into a 10 x 10 corner booth space as well. It was constructed from used/recycled materials and is also powered by our alternative solar powered battery system.

It is quite a sight to see and experience, creating a fun, colorful addition to any event’s atmosphere. This structure is the ‘centerpiece’ for our play environments, providing an eye-catching element that draws guests to the area where they are invited to join in the fun and dance into their flow!

We also have the capability of expanding the Play Environments we offer by co-creating space with our friends from www.Flowtoys.com. Together, we can create an even larger environment for play, utilizing their unique booth and other artistic structural additions. This enables us to build up an expansive area dedicated to Flow Tool Dance!

We are also open to your visions and ideas…if you want to envision and design a particular structure or atmosphere…just let us know what you are thinking and we can build it and co-create it with you!

Here is what some people have said about our Play Environment:

“Kandice and Andrew- I am so happy that I placed you where I did, it is the perfect spot for you…you add so much festive color, movement and life to the main bowl, and all of the vendors have told me they really enjoy seeing so many people playing!”
-Dena Pullar, High Sierra Music Festival Vendor Coordinator

“Wow, will you look at this? This is my first time coming into the music bowl all weekend and it is so cool to see everyone dancing around and hooping. I think we are going to start a new tradition here at Kate Wolf.”
-Cloud Moss, Owner of Cumulus Presents Productions

“I am completely enthralled by the structure you have built here! I saw it from across the event and I just had to come over here to check it out…I think you have the best booth I have ever seen- it is so inventive, unique and eye-catching.”
-Jai Huddes, Creator of www.Xthegame.com

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