Healing Hoop Infusions

Holistic Infusions • Crystals/Stones • Essences/Oils/Herbs • Positive Affirmations

In alignment with our philosophy- Holistic Hoopology™, we have infused the hoops (and other flow tools) that we create with a variety of healing ingredients.

Just as some people hold the belief that having healing crystals, stones/minerals, sage, incense, deity representations, and other sacred objects in their homes (or on altars) can help purify and/or clear the energy of a room; we believe that these sort of things can be extremely healing to the believer when placed inside an object that moves around ones’ body.

Hence, our objective is to harness the powers of such items within a hoop or other flow tool, so they can be utilized to positively change the energy field around the dancer, thus, increasing & intensifying the healing intentions behind the actions & movements made by the user.

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Healing Infusions with Kandice