Hoop Booth & Mobile Wagon

We come to various events fully equipped with this beautifully decorative and colorful ‘rainbow hoop tree sculpture’.

It is a 15-foot tall, free standing structure that can stand on its’ own in an open meadow, field, music bowl, thoroughfare, or fairway, but can easily fit into any 10×10 (or corner) booth space.

We took the time to carefully gather an assortment of salvaged materials in order to create this work of art with one thing in mind- to build a unique, sustainable and visually stimulating addition to the events we participate in. The central pole was made with recycled irrigation pipe. The base was cut and welded together into its’ clover shape from a discarded olive oil drum. The seven hoops that make up the bulk of the structure were created from recycled water tubing. And tarp remnants were cut and sewn into the shade circles that stretch inside each hoop. Thus bringing new life and vigor to materials that were otherwise going to be thrown away.


We have also taken it one step further by providing our own power with a solar-powered battery system. Collecting energy from the sun’s rays we are able to illuminate the sculpture during night time events with color changing LED lights and black lights that activate the UV reactive tape on the structure hoops. This sustainable system allows us the freedom to set up anywhere on the event site without having to be near electrical outlets, generators, or extension cords.


Known to add a festive flavor to any event, it is quite a site to see. Among a sea of white easy-ups, it stands out as a creative and vibrant addition to any party environment. People tend to gravitate towards it, wondering what they are looking at, saying things like; “wow- this structure really caught my eye, I had to come over and see what it was all about, and now I know I can play here too, thank you”! Made as the centerpiece for the ‘Flow Zones’ we facilitate; it creates colorful ambience, while providing a space for an interactive activity that children and adults of all ages can enjoy.

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“The mobile wagon gives us the freedom to roam around.”

As much as we would like to bring the hoop booth to every event we are a part of, there are times when our wagon is more appropriate. Such as one day Festivals, fairs, expos, and other ‘indoor events’. It allows us the mobility needed to venture around the event and spontaneously create our “Flow Zones’ wherever the energy guides us to do so. We can then bring splashes of color and movement to many different areas within the event, while providing a variety of flow art tools for guests to play with.

Just as with the booth, we also took the time to carefully gather an assortment of salvaged materials to build this wagon. It was made with recycled wood, discarded metal conduit, reused hardware, and old electic wheelchair tires. The motor was taken from a second-hand wheelchair, which is powered with a solar-charged, used car battery. The motorized element assists us in toting the wagon from area to area, allowing us to save our own energy for sharing and teaching the art of flow tool dance.

Although the wagon is very mobile- it can also be a stationary element that fits inside a small booth space, flanks a hallway, sits in a lobby, on a sidewalk or in a children’s area. It is our most versatile option when considering incorporating a fun, interactive activity into your event.

For more information, feel free to e/mail us at: info@holistichooping.com

-Please note that we do have several options available to us, as well as a large crew to draw from, therefore, we can accommodate several events on the same date. So, just ask!

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