Hoopologist Training

Holistic Hoopologist Initiation

(Teacher Training Program)



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The Program will include:
~Weekly Conference Calls, our Teacher’s Manual, online tutorial videos, private FB page for the group, continued support on your JOYerny.
~Life Coaching skills, personal development exercises, self-help tools, and other various healing modalities for your toolbelt.
~Important information about a Sprit-Focused Flow Arts Practice, and it’s connection to mind, body, spirit health and well-being.
~Numerous resources to compliment your own research, allowing you to further connect the dots between: flow, dance, hooping, sacred geometry, meditation, yoga, subtle energy, Kundalini energy, the 7-Chakra System & more!
~Powerful tools for personal growth, development and empowerment that you can offer your students.
~Curriculum outlines, ideas and suggestions for integrating these concepts into the class offerings you share.

The Result:
~You will receive a Certification to teach/ share ‘Holistic Hoopology’: Personal Transformation through a spirit-focused Flow Arts Practice.
~You may use our Holistic Hooping logo in your marketing strategies.
~You/ your website will be listed on our parent website, linking you to the Holistic Hooping commUNITY.
~You may purchase a Domain Name for your website from us (we have over 40 hoop/spirit/holistic/flow-based domain names to choose from).
~You will be share a Hoopology that has been in practice for over 12 years and counting.
~You will be able to integrate it into ANY Flow Arts class you teach, even if you are certified elsewhere,
(this information can be included into any certification program you may have already gone through).
~You can grow/expand on these ideas and concepts and share them with other Holistic Hoopologists for their use and sharing with their students!

Be a part of the process- follow your passion, purpose and path!
Join your new family in spreading the Holistic Hoopology love!
Stay tuned for more information soon!!!

Please note: this is for ALL Flow Arts Instructors-
Holistic Hoopology (as in the HOOP of life),
focuses on Spirit-Centered Flow Arts Practice,
whether your tool is a hoop, poi, staff, fans, buugeng,
or anything else, you CAN incorporate the knowledge,
information and terminology shared during the Teacher Training.

Please note: in order to register for the Holistic Hoopologist Initiation
you will be required to complete the prerequisite
Kundalini Flow Arts 6-Week Global Telecourse!
We want you to personally experience what you will be learning to teach!

For more information, or any questions you have, please e/mail:

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