As much as we enjoy making our online offerings of products, educational opportunities and more- we are MOST passionate about being out in the commUNITY, sharing our Holistic Hoopology and the Flow Arts with people live and in person!
We love the opportunity to meet face-to-face with those that we aim to activate and inspire!
One of the most rewarding moments for us, is witnessing someone walk up to us at an event or festival, saying “What’s this over here?  Hula Hooping?  Oh, I can’t do that, not even as a kid!”, then we hand them a hoop that ‘fits’ their adult body, and after demonstrating to them how to do it- they swing it around and keep it going for a long time!
The smile that crosses their face is bright and brilliant and they exclaim
“Wow- I’m doing it!  Yay!  This feels so good!”
It just melts our hearts every time, even after 14 years…
THIS is what keeps us going,
THIS is what inspires us to continue our work/play,
THIS is the reward we receive for sharing the Flow Arts with the whirled!
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Flow Zones

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Hoop Booth & Mobile Wagon

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Hoop Parties / Occasions

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Flow Performances

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Special Events / Festivals

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