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Common Ground (May, 2010 Edition)
‘HOOPful Thinking’
“As hooping claims new ground as an expressive art form, there comes a deepening in its’ exploration.
Kandice Korves-Kaus, ‘Holistic Hoopologist’ also studies and teaches the hoop’s potential as a tool for
personal transformation.”
-Stefana Serafina, freelance writer

The Press Democrat (Sun., Jan. 3, 2010)
‘Hoops Become a New Path to Fitness’
with a photo of Kandice Korves-Kaus of Sebastopol demonstrating moves from her Holistic Hooping program.

“She starts her classes with stretching exercises that are much like yoga but which incorporate the hoop.
She then works up the pace, leading her students to move the hoop to different parts of their body, from the waist to the knees, to the hips to the chest and even up to the neck…”
-Meg McConahey, staff writer

Conscious Dancer (#7 Summer Issue, 2009)
‘Hoops are Happening’ article with large photo by Kyer Photography of Kandice and her illumihoop.
She wrote an excerpt in the article entitled,
“Elements of Holistic Hoopology: An Ancient Practice Comes Full Circle”.
-Kandice Korves-Kaus, Holistic Hoopologist

Times Standard (Mon., July 2, 2007)
‘Celebration on the Dunes- Sun Shines Brightly for Two-Day Youth Fundraising Event’
“Andrew Kaus catches a medicine wheel…while Heart takes the low approach to keeping her hoop aloft. The group know as Holistic Hooping, uses hoops containing medicinal herbs’ and other things ‘to promote good health.”
-Chris Durant, Times Standard

The Journal of Politics, People and Art (Thurs., June 28, 2007)
‘In the Dunes’
“Yes, summer is officially here…dancing? Well, you have Holistic Hooping (hula-hoopers)…and the whole thing is to raise funds for local youth programs.”
-Bob Duran, The Journal

The Redwood Times (Tues., May 29, 2007)
‘Summer Arts and Music Festival’
“Primordial Spin: Adding a bold taste of color and movement both evenings, it is tribal beats that ignite these charismatic dancers and stilters into dynamic, fluid, motion. Mixing an awe-inspiring display of athletic expression and kinetic maneuvering, they offer up a variety of psychedelic prayerformances.”
-Kandice and Justin Crellin,

Evolver Magazine (issue zero 2006)
‘Spiral Dynamics’
“Korves fervently believes in the healing and even spiritual power of the hoop, a belief reflected in her teaching style and the hoops she makes.’ ‘She calls her neo-Hindu, post Wham-O shamanism ‘Holistic Hoopology’…she speaks as someone transformed by the hoop, an evangelist of the liberated hip.”
-Jennifer Dumpert, for Evolver

Share Guide, the Holistic Health Magazine (Sept/Oct 2006)
‘Healthy Product Reviews’
“Holistic Hoops™ promote exercise, meditation and emotional health. A powerful transformation tool, they heal mind, body and spirit.”

The Independent (Tues., Feb 7, 2006)
‘Spin Doctor: with Holistic Hooping, Classic Toy Boasts Therapeutic Possibilities’
“Listening to her rattle off the ‘many different schools of hooping’ it’s immediately apparent the Korves is taking the activity beyond the familiar childhood endurance test. With her business- she has melded the mystic with the mundane.”
-Jeremy Morrison, Independent Contributing Writer

The Democratic (July 15, 2005)
‘Holistic Hooping- Classic Toy Gets a New Spin’
“Hooping is hot again- there’s no doubt about it, you can even do it holistically now.”
-Staff Writer

Marin Independent Journal (Tues., June 20, 2005)
‘Hooped Dreams: for Occidental Woman, Spinning a Spiritual Experience’
“The hula-hoop isn’t a fad for Kandice Korves. It’s a way of life.’ ‘Hooping, she discovered, had a spiritual element…and now she is spreading the gospel of hoop.’ ‘Spin Mistress; Kandice says hooping is a ‘healing space’, and Grace Hoopchild says that even though she had always felt the experience Korves describes it is her who is really bringing the spiritual dimension into hooping- she takes it to another level.’”
-Rick Polito, IJ Reporter

Portland Tribune, Portland Life section (Tues., April 19, 2005)
‘With a Hoop and a Holler’
“Let’s face it: there are very few intense workouts that will make you smile…unless, of course, you’re hula-hooping.” “Spinning the hoop around one’s waist, as many did as children, is only the beginning. Korves teaches the class how to spin the hoop around necks, knees and arms, as well as showing her students how to incorporate the hoop into dance routines.”
-Courtney Harding, Contributing Writer

The RAY (Reality and You), 2004
‘Hoopology 101: Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit with Holistic Hooping’
“Hoopology is a new theory based in psychology, physiology, and spirituality.” “The hoop is a powerful meditation tool…it creates metaphysical balance by increasing your vital energy, aligning your charkas, cleansing your aura, and enhancing your spirit.”
-Kandice Bishop, Ray Writer

Massage Magazine (Jan.-Feb., 2003)
‘Raving About Massage’
“Kandice Bishop oversees 12 massage therapists for her dance party mobile massage company, Lotus Bodyworx…she and her team provide massage for such large scale LA dance music promoters as Go Ventures, Insomniac, Electric Butterfly and Giant. Lucy Pinnelli received a massage at Club Orion and reports, ‘the table vibrating form the music and the massage together were incredible. I was letting it out all kinds of noises freely, like ‘wooooow’ and ‘ah yeah’, it really made my night.’”
-Justin Hampton, Freelance Writer

The LA Times (Mon., April 15, 2002)
‘Some Like it Hot’
“Meeting at a downtown LA location…What ever the tool or technique, the goal is the same: to channel fire’s paradoxical nature into fun, spiritual fulfillment- and even rent-paying gigs.’ ‘When pyrophiles meet, they practice fire tricks like this dance by Kandice Bishop of Granada Hills inside a hoop of flames.’”
-Justin Hampton, Special to the Times

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